About Me

14322525_10153931682081724_6521626108611965135_nFalcieri Designs is an independent UK handmade womenswear label set up by Claudia Oliver, specialising in stunning evening and soft drape wear for women who want to wow their public in outfits that noone else has. It offers beautiful unique style you can’t get on the high street and is totally good to the world.

About The Brand

Falcieri Designs was born in Lincoln in 2012 and in the summer of 2015 reestablished itself in Manchester as an independent designer label.

Its birth was in response to cheap, fast fashion imported to the UK. It was created as an alternative to the high street, for women who wanted to know where their clothing came from, were concerned about the supply chain and how the workforce was treated, and didn’t want to see someone else wearing the same outfit. Because there’s nothing worse than looking like everyone else – right?

Everything happens in one studio in Ardwick Green just south of Piccadilly Station. Claudia carefully researches, sources materials, designs and makes by hand all of her collections and finishes them for a perfect fit to each clients requirements. Off the rail designs range from UK8-16 but are all available for individual tailoring and customised projects are always welcome.

You can find almost everything you see for sale here on my website. For more information please drop in on my website here.

About my blog

My blog is the story of my business and the industry I am in – fashion, photography and textiles – the trials and tribulations of being an entrepreneur and the ethics of the fashion industry. This is my journey. These are my observations. No liability accepted.


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