Is Online Shopping Falling Out Of Favour?

Recently You and Yours on BBC Radio Four asked if online shopping was starting to lose its edge. I think it depends a lot on who you are and where you live.

I avoid it wherever possible. I buy some craft products for my brand online and wherever possible from UK Etsy stores who don’t have a bricks and mortar presence. But the high street is an enjoyable experience. I like to touch clothes, look at books, enjoy the atmosphere. For me it’s a day out, not a chore. Maybe because I work from home now, an excuse to go out is an opportunity not to be missed.

The saturation of the online market is making it harder and harder to find the item you want and where clothing is concerned online shopping can be a disappointing experience, particularly if you are buying from well known brands with dubious quality and sizing policies.

Callers to the programme highlighted some very interesting points which are useful to me as an internet seller. It’s well worth a listen if you have an interest in the future of online shopping.

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