The Price Of Fashion May Go Up After Brexit – And That’s A Good Thing

If you want to stop people buying so many clothes that they wear once and throw in the bin, and if you want customers to start respecting clothes, dropping the prices is not how you do it. The cheaper something is, the less its buyer will respect it. If you, as the company selling a product, don’t think it’s worth full price, why would your customer?

So the suggestion that fashion on the high street may go up in price after Brexit (if we ever reach a resolution) has to be a good thing for some of us right? For those that like their weekend shopping hauls – tough. You’re going to have to learn to respect your clothes and respect your money even more. For the environment and for charity shops the potential changes this will bring can only be a step in the right direction.

For independent UK fashion businesses this has to be a positive move. Suddenly we may become slightly more competative with foreign imports. And this is how you really start to build home grown self sustaining businesses. The knock on effect could be what finally starts to change our attitude to clothing purchases.

This is potentially also a re-education for customers. Fashion should be a luxury and something to be respected as a commodity not a staple of life like food. We own far too many clothes, we buy too many clothes, we absolutely discard too many clothes. The problem is that we can do nothing about it whilst high street brands are allowed to import on a huge scale and sell at rock bottom prices that only the biggest stores can afford.

If stores are forced to put prices up or reduce their store numbers, this could help tip the balance. It isn’t a solution, but it has to be worth considering.


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