Staying Small, Being True

I never wanted to be big in fashion. I’ve never wanted to be seen at fashion week or have a high street store. That’s not what this is about for me. For me design is art, not about labels on hangers.

I want to enjoy my work, and remain transparent, in control and predominantly a one man business. I can take the lack of income that comes with that – just about. My life is relatively free from a time perspective. I prefer it like this because I get to enjoy what life is really about. As I’ve got older I’ve realised it’s about so much more than spending all your time at work if your job doesn’t give you that satisfaction. It’s not all about money, paying bills and the Saturday haul on the high street.

Jocelyn K Glei’s recent podcast with Paul Jarvis centres perfectly on this idea, and ties in with one of my other favourite things at the moment – the art of being happy, content, and having just enough.

‘…“creative” is often a red flag, a signpost marking an insidious
trade-off. A “creative” job listing may lure you to pursue your destiny,
freed from old social strictures — but also freed from traditional
benefits and security. For the privilege of doing “creative” work, we
are asked to accept conditions of financial anxiety and precariousness
that in previous times were unthinkable to the gainfully employed.’ Source

That does not mean the stereotype of the financially struggling artist needs to be adhered to if you don’t want to rough it. But in an oversubscribed industry, it’s going to be a factor you need to consider. Hustles and second jobs are not a bad thing. They add to the diversity and experience in your life and mix up your routine. I have had many of these over the years, and they certainly help to pay the bills and remind you why you chose the career you ddi. Working in other companies for even a short time, keep you grounded and moving forward and there’s nothing wrong with that. it’s developmental. There has to be a middle ground of course. Your job is not to perpetuate the stereotype but if you are frugal minded it is less likely to be a struggle than if you want a champagne lifestyle.

I know I will never be rich, I may never even be that comfortably off, but I can be true to what I do, to the ideal that I have in my head. I can be as faithful to it as I possibly can and call myself out when I stray from what I want to represent to the world. Selling out for an Instagram following or an influencer strategy just isn’t for me. That isn’t creativity and it never will be.


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