Do You Have The Q-factor?

There is something rather comforting about this article. But there is also a very disheartening edge to it. You can have the most amazing idea or be uniquely gifted, but if you don’t have that draw or you can’t market it, or yourself, properly you may never realise your potential. Provided of course, that is what you want.

Not everyone wants that kind of recognition. What if you just love what you do, and you happen to create something incredible, but because you simply enjoy what you do, and don’t promote it hard, it gets overlooked.

We put so much store in creating big, and being rich and how many followers we have but does it even matter? Happiness is not fame or fortune or worldwide recognition. Happiness is whatever makes you content and allows you to enjoy your life. If your ultimate happiness is 10 million Instagram followers, then good for you. But if it’s just to make things and that provides enough for you to live on, then that’s good too.

As you get older, I think your drives change. I wanted to be famous by 21. I wanted to write books, scripts, direct films. I’d written my first script before I’d left school. I couldn’t imagine a world where that was not going to happen. By the time I’d realised I was never going to be discovered (whatever that is supposed to mean), I no longer had the fight or the determination in me and I didn’t have the infrustructure to help me along.

Once you realise over night successes don’t exist and real life, like paying the rent and needing that other job that pays for that, gets in the way, time flies by at a terrifying speed. Before I knew it, I was 35 and hadn’t done any of the things on my tick list to any great degree.

Now, at nearly 45, I know I shall probably never be any more than I already am. I just need to find the happiness within that and know that I am luckier to (even like this) be more content than most people on the planet. Right now I’d settle for a steady paycheck, but I’ve lost even the enthusiasm to go in search of that. Once you’ve been self employed and worked from home in your own way, it’s very difficult to conform again or accept that that’s the way it may be. Going back to the office slog just seems like such a failure and I’m not ready to make the decision just yet.



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