December Statistics

We are at the end of the year – as if you hadn’t noticed. And this is my final monthly analysis since I started managing my Etsy store properly at the beginning of October. It’s all been very slow to change. I haven’t been fighting off customers by any means, but the charts I’ve been keeping for the last three months suggest I am making progress. The graphs below show views in red lines and orders in blue columns which demonstrates that my reach is getting better.

September – OctoberScreenshot_2018-12-11 Etsy - Shop Stats

October – November

Screenshot_2018-12-11 Etsy - Shop Stats(1)

November – December

Screenshot_2018-12-24 Etsy - Shop Stats

and here’s a clearer table of the month by month numbers:

Month Views (clicks by visitor) Visits (individual visitors)
July /Aug 513 247
August/Sept 714 249
Sept/Oct 1229 566
Oct/Nov 2160 1169
Nov/Dec 2562 1286

December didn’t see an increase in sales towards Christmas. But then, from the Etsy forum comments I have read, and the general feeling on the high street, this has been fairly standard. I don’t really sell ‘gifts’ as a rule so I didn’t expect any last minute surges of activity.

I will be posting a full 2018 end of year round up later this month, but for now, and despite the challenges of online selling, an oversaturated market, and the issues of using someone else’s platform to host my shop, I think I have made the right decision to stick with Etsy with a mind to doing more of the same in 2019.

2018, in fact, has been my second best year in the entire history of my store and I have to remember that, despite having had it for a while, it has been badly neglected. Etsy requires a lot more seller input than you might imagine. Whilst they set up the bare bones of it, it’s down to you as the shop owner to put in the real work and that requires dedication, perseverence and patience.

Etsy does give you lots of tips and ‘how to’ guides, and the forums are a wealth of knowledge which all comes from other sellers, so you are never alone. The back up is there. You have to learn the rest for yourself and at the end of the day you are still the boss, which is part of the fun.

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