Is It Too Soon For Improvements?

I aimed to put 200 items into my Etsy store before Christmas, a number I reached and exceeded last week. But this isn’t about quantity over quality. This is about my late spring clean/post move tidy up that’s been ‘in process’ since the end of September. Having had a ruthless clear out, and then taking stock of fabrics and garments, has given me a good beginning point for starting afresh. It has filled me with renewed enthusiasm.

As a result, I have been able to give my Etsy store, which frankly had become quite a disappointment, a good shake up. My lack of enthusiasm for my business as the year progressed was caused by a number of things going on in my life, none of which I need to go into details about. But it is a demonstration that in order to be able to focus, you need to be able to keep everything moving forward positively.

Whilst I have been making some new items since I started working from home at the end of September, I realised that I needed to complete the spring clean fully to be able to justify adding to my existing stock. Space is limited after all. Most of the items newly added to my shop have been waiting to be listed for a considerable length of time. I had just lost my impoteus to get on with it. Very few are new makes, but some have had alterations and adjustments to make them saleable. I have just a few more items to upload, and I will have listed everything that I have available.

This, of course, means that there is not much consistency to my brand at the moment becuase some of those garments go quite far back. However, I am willing to take this risk for now. Most of my customers are searching for specific items, and are not returning again and again for dependable styles from me, so I don’t think it is likely to put anyone off. It means I am able to offer more day wear and casual looks as well as my classic evening dress designs and some accessories.

As I said, this is not about quantity over quality. Filling my store like this is about more than simple numbers. Etsy now sees me more. My stats are showing this very clearly. More potential customers are seeing me and favouriting items and my store. I have made more sales this month than I have in over two years. And that is very encouraging. When Etsy buyers come to my shop they now see a range of garments and sundry items rather than a handful of designs. If you walked into a high street shop and there were only 40 garments on the rails, would you look or would you walk away? Online generally has much the same reaction.

Working from home now gives my working day a different quality that is benefitting me and my productivity. I can work efficiently and productively in small chunks, walk away, do something completely different, and come back later. This is a better working environment for me than being locked into a room for seven hours, feeling obliged to create huge amounts of work because I commuted there. I was apprehensive that working from home again would be good for me, but in fact, it has been hugely beneficial and I am hopeful that this is going to be the start of better things.



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