Here We Go…..

Last Thursday morning, the final piece of the jigsaw arrived, when a very helpful man named Alex and his van helped me move my sewing machine from its old studio to its new one. It was the last item to make the transition. And until it arrived, my studio did not feel complete. Working, even for a short time, was distracted by the gap on the floor by the window that I had marked out for it.

Once it was in place, everything became calm. It’s probably less likely it was because of the machine’s arrival, and more the comfort of knowing that I never have to go back to Progress Centre again. I don’t like confrontation. It’s unnecessary and very bad for creative minds, and the constant nagging in my mind whilst I still held a set of keys there, was that I was always bound to the place and the potential trouble that could still take place. No more. There is noone to answer to, noone to have to stand up to, no more backstabbing and underhand dealings. Freedom is a beautiful thing.

So here I am. A new era begins. I am back, working from home again. And it feels incredibly good. The studio is streamlined, everything that is there is there because I wanted it to be (bar a couple of nagging binliners) and I can instill a routine that now works for me. I am going to try the 4 hour day and ensure that, at least whilst the weather is still on my side, that I am getting out and about. In fact, since Thursday, I have been remarkably busy outside of the studio with visitors and events in town. It has helped the transition.

The autumn sun has been prevelant this last week, and I have realised that come the late afternoon my machine sits in a perfect sunny spot. I am lucky that I get the sun on the back of the house all morning, and then on the front all evening. Never complain about a sunny day in Manchester.

Already by the end of last week I had almost completed a dress that I’d put away on the rail at least 6 months ago. It’s changed from being a vague attempt to a garment in my own classic style and I love the way it has developed naturally on the mannequin.

Certainly the change, initially, has made me far more enthusiastic about my work, inspired and above all, content. But I am looking hard at work life balance, and ensuring that I have inspiration in people and experiences around me to make sure I keep the right focus. I don’t want to fall into old habits, which is tough when you’re in my situation. By being aware of them however, I hope to keep them at bay and make the necessary adjustments as and when I need them.


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