Podcasts For Life And Creativity

As a general rule I have no interest in television but I find myself regularly flicking the switch by default as a background filler, in the same way as you might with the radio. My concern is that once I am working from home, I don’t want that screen in the corner to be my bestfriend. I am aware of how damaging it, and social media, are – distracting, procrastination tools.

I also resent being bombarded by advertising, depressing news and toxic updates, so I ask myself why I even switch them on? I don’t have an answer. Over recent weeks, I have gravitated towards podcasts for more useful media content, but the good ones aren’t easy to find. You have to keep your searches very specific to find what resonates with you. I’ve listened to Adam Buxton and Reasons To Be Cheerful and similar sites for a while. They are interesting but largely entertainment. I have needed something more focused. I need more self help, anything to help me focus on the challenges ahead.

In particular, now that my home/work life is on the verge of changing, I have been looking for podcasts that focus on wellness and creative lifestyles that will help me adjust to working alone again whilst remaining positive, enjoying what I do and the process of creating without worrying about the end point – the profit margin. I don’t want to hear about ‘how to make your first million on Etsy’, or how to boost my mojo when it’s defunct. I don’t care for ‘how to get 1000 followers in 10 steps’.

I want to go back to basics, to the root of my creativity and to enjoy processes rather than outcomes. The business aspect has leeched all the fun out of what I do. Simply, I want to harness my skills again, to work with them and enjoy them, not fight against them. If you have been reading my last few posts, you will understand where I am coming from.

I have found a few podcasts those of you in a similar position to me, will find useful, and I am posting the links here. Let me know if you like them. Mostly they are from a podcast that started at the beginning of 2018 called Hurry Slowly which absolutely falls into line with the direction I want to go in and the ethos that has been swimming in my mind for longer than I care to remember. The first upload I heard was Alex Pang – Prioritizing Rest & Reflection. If, like me, you are adjusting and trying to remain productive, you will find solace here.

I have always had concerns with my media consumption and how that affects my outlook and creativity (see my early paragraphs on this post). Here’s another podcast from Hurry Slowly which directly addresses this. Who’d have thought someone had aired a podcast which was exactly what I was already thinking! And it’s the same with my work methodology. I worry that technology is drowning crafts that rely on human hands and objects. There is nothing wrong with spending a long time creating something wonderful. It doesn’t have to be done in record time for maximum profit. Think why you wanted to start a creative business in the first place. Was it for the creation or for the money? Then have a listen to this entry called Revenge of the Analog.

I have really struggled to find any other podcasts that live up to Hurry Slowly. The Minimalists is useful and has some great conversations on minimising within relationships and decluttering – physically, emotionally and mentally, but I tend to pick through this one more as there is a lot of book plugging going on here.

I am going to add to my podcast discoveries as I find the ones that really work for me. If you follow any that you think I could find useful, please let me know. I am curious to see if there are any UK based ones out there too. I am eager to discover more!

2 responses to “Podcasts For Life And Creativity

  1. Podcasts are great, whether commuting by car, on public transport, or at the gym. Recently, I’ve found the BBC Radio 4 Desert Island Discs archive of podcasts. They chop out the music choices to about 30 seconds, due to copyright reasons, but I’ve listened to some brilliant conversations. They have about 2000+ of them online for download as MP3s at the BBC website.

    • Desert Island Discs is a great one. Someone else’s story, their life, can enrich your own. We don’t find new inspiration by remaining insular. We need the world around us and I’ve discovered some great things to inspire me through podcasts.

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