An Unexpected Change In Circumstances

Do you ever get the feeling that something has happened for a reason? The evening before my last post went live, I was told I had lost my best paying client. For the last two and a half years I have been helping with the running of the building where my studio is based.

It has been a vital financial lifeline, but also incredibly important for networking, my social life, and as a routine building exercise, aspects I have often lacked in my self employed life because I work alone and largely not to any timescales.

The job I have just lost, in fact, represents about 3/4 of my income and with only two weeks notice, it has been a jolt. I am viewing it as a good thing though because guaranteed income does little to push you and without a doubt the job has made me lazy.  It made a nice change not to be worrying about money. I wanted to enjoy it. So whilst I am a little worried at this turn of events, I am also relieved. There is no reason why this should be a negative thing.

It does of course leave a bit of a black cloud over my work, because I am still in the building and paying rent to the people who just sacked me. Long term this may present another hurdle but for now, finding my feet again and settling into a new routine is what matters.


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