Another Etsy Update

It has been two months since my last Etsy update on 16th May, so this is how months three and four have shaped up.

I have definitely been a little sloppy with the marketing. The numbers on my pie charts are a dead give away. Whilst I have continued to diligently post Etsy shop and item updates to my Twitter, I haven’t utilised Etsy’s internal sharing system as much as I did before the middle of May and I think this may be a more useful tool than I realised at first. I find Hootsuite’s tool for scheduling 30 days ahead incredibly helpful but Etsy’s system gives me access to other social media platforms which Hootsuite is no longer able to use. If Etsy could introduce a scheduling system that would be of huge benefit to busy business owners.

Despite my sluggish approach, I have hit my sales targets for both subsequent months with dresses going to London and Israel. That coupled with photoshoot bookings have eased cash flow once again, so that it’s been a healthy enough summer so far from my point of view. Here are my charts for the two months:


May June Etsy


June July Etsy

The referee in this case is from a URL shortening service utilised by Hootsuite. I haven’t seen this included as a referee before so this is an interesting new addition even though I have been scheduling with Hootsuite for some considerable time.

The summer is generally a quiet time of the year. The kids break up from school. It’s holiday season. There isn’t so much time or so much cash to spend. Whether the next two months will be as profitable as the past two remains to be seen. I’ll work harder on the Etsy Marketing and see what happens.

By way of a reminder here’s a comparison for the four months this year I’ve been analysing my Etsy shop, compared to the same period last year, when I had all but forgotten about and neglected my Etsy account

16 March 2018 – 15 July 2018

etsy march to july 2018 1etsy march to july 2018 2

and here’s the same period for the year before – 2017:

etsy march to july 2017 1etsy march to july 2017 2

The figures might look low, but don’t forget I have two other jobs as well, one creative, one not. It’s another aspect of being self employed that I like. It allows me to duck and dive and chop and change work when I need to and take financial opportunities as and when they arise.

Running your own business, a one man business, isn’t always profitable enough to support its owner, especially when you’re dealing in creativity. Without someone to help split bills, everything is down to me, so I am thankful for my flexibility which gives me the ability to keep my head above water and enjoying what I do.


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