Photoshoots 2018

I have only just completed my second photoshoot this year. Some of the people I would regularly collaborate with in the past have either been occupied elsewhere, have taken full time employment or have moved away from Manchester. I haven’t yet found the motivation to seek out new teams and my method these days tends to be to wait for people to come to me. Planning shoots can be a long job and more than ever I rely on the enthusiasm and inspiration of others, as well as their reliable contacts, to keep me in the photo studio.

That said, I haven’t been creating much in the studio this year due to client work and my other life as a writer which is now reaching fruition. In many respects it’s been a remarkably busy year in all sorts of areas of my life. This is a good thing and is in part why I wanted to be self employed in the first place. I allow myself the flexibility to duck and dive between projects as workloads allow, keeping my perspective fresh and hopefully keeping boredom and procrastination at bay. I struggle with routine and I have a range of interests that need satisfying depending on my mood. I am impossible to box.

Less than a month ago, I worked once again with James Hall at Just Add Pictures and a model I haven’t met before – Ella Rose. I thoroughly enjoy these shoot days because of the range of styles we produce. The final results, whilst sometimes looking exactly how you expect them to, sometimes turn into very different final images with just a little clever editing. I like this because it always pushes me to see things in a different way and that is a valuable tool as a creative.

I have included links to the Just Add Pictures website so you can follow these posts and the background to these works, but I have included the images here  as well. I don’t doubt there will be more to follow so please follow our blogs to stay updated.








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