A Bargain Is Only A Bargain If….

…you needed it anyway.

Sites like Groupon and Wowcher are great for saving you money, in theory. But deals are rarely for something you would use anyway. You might be getting something cheaper than the RRP, but if you don’t usually buy it in the first place, you’ve actually spent more money. It’s a great sales trick for most retailers and it works too.

It’s the same with the reduced price shelf in the supermarket. If it’s not food I’d normally stock, why would I buy it? It isn’t saving me any more money, I am only adding to the budget. With clothes shopping, it’s the same principle. That dress might only be £15, but did you want a dress anyway?


It’s not an easy mindset to get into. A bargain looks great and is often irresistable but you have to rationalise especially if you are trying to monitor your spending because even with cheap deals, your spending can still get out of control. Every time you go shopping it’s an assault on your senses. There are bargins, 241 deals, end of aisle temptations. Everywhere you go is an attempt to get you to spend just a little more.

If you’re not strong enough to resist, and you don’t recognise the tactics, you will end up spending more money every month because a bargain isn’t always a bargain. Realising that you are entering a shopping psychology assault course is one way to curb your spending. Yes, it takes the fun out of a shopping spree, but if you realise it’s a trick you’re less likely to be happy parting with your money. Even bargains aren’t there for your benefit. The shop is still making money.


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