Etsy Month Two

I was concerned that my month two comparison wouldn’t be that inspiring. There have been plenty of days where I have neglected my marketing because I’ve been moving house……at last. That alone has provided a lot of unnecessary distraction.

In addition, Hootsuite has had some more of its publishing rights revoked, this time by Instagram, so scheduling remotely and in advance has become even more restricted and I need those options for days when I can’t get enough time at the computer.

That said, the results for month two which ended yesterday, have been quite good. I have also made sales which may or may not be as a direct result of this extra work. It’s not completely clear but I don’t doubt there is a connection there.

Here is a general recap of my first full month return to Etsy which I originally split into two, fortnightly sections and wrote about separately here, here and here.

Screenshot-2018-5-8 Etsy - Shop Stats march April

And here is month two in full.

Screenshot-2018-5-16 Etsy - Shop Stats April May month

Visits are down. Quite far down. That is clear. However, Etsy traffic has improved and as I said, I have made sales. I’m not quite sure how that figures but the important thing here is the sales, so I guess that the quality of my reach is improving even if the numbers aren’t. Quality rather than quantity is the important thing here after all, and more so if it is directly linked to improved sales.

Now that I have my routine back, I am going to continue with my Etsy marketing because it seems to be having an effect. I dedicate approximately one hour a day to promoting my store on social media at the moment, but it’s difficult to gauge because every day I am dipping in and out of accounts during the working day. I do still have scheduling options for Twitter via Hootsuite so that takes some of the work out of the equation and Twitter does seem to be a good platform for advertising the shop. But recently Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram have generated some views back to Etsy, though what the quality of those hits are, I cannot tell at the moment.

The fact is, I dislike the hard sell. Many creatives do. It’s not our naturally leaning. But it works and that is incentive enough when you have bills to pay.


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