Farewell Hootsuite?

Well it was nice while it lasted. Over the years that I’ve been utilising Hootsuite there has been a steady decrease in the apps you can use there, and the range of functions each app was willing to let you utilise. Apps began nibbling away at Hootsuite’s permissions some time ago, and before I knew it all that was left was Twitter and Instagram. It’s a shame because it was a such a useful tool for business.

More of Instagram’s features have recently been chipped away at, so I now can’t follow others timelines. All I have left on my social media plate with full usage is Twitter and the ability to follow Instagram’s hashtags, and I don’t suppose that will be around for long. So I’m wondering what is the point in hanging onto Hootsuite anymore?


As a platform it saved me hours of time wasted on social media surfing. It picked out posts with relevant hashtags, allowed me to instantly follow the streams of companies I was interested in without having to spend the first two hours of my day sifting for relevant posts through thousands of overnight additions, and it meant I could schedule posts weeks in advance keeping my feed up to date. Now I can only follow individual companies if they hashtag their own names into their posts.

I don’t want to go back to having to do all that work myself. It’s incredibly time consuming and it’s work that I don’t make any money from. Noone is paying a small business or sole proprietor to update their social media, or write blog posts or research material. That is essentially FREE work. At the moment I probably spend two hours each day on social media. That’s 14 hours a week unpaid just on social media. That’s equivalent to two days every week that I don’t get paid, just on social media.

Now add the other admin I and many other small businesses do for free for themselves, accounts, stock purchases, designing for sale without commissions, and you might go weeks without anything that would be considered an actual income. You are constantly speculating to accumulate and that is a gamble for anyone.


4 responses to “Farewell Hootsuite?

  1. It is interesting that you write this as I had just started a small consulting business and was looking at Hootsuite but with all the API changes to Facebook (which is where I do a lot of my social media work) it makes no financial sense to use it anymore. It just reinforces my point on never relying on any external company for any of your core business needs as your business is not their priority.

    • You’re absolutely right. Relying on external companies always means you are at their mercy. It is why I was reluctant to go back to using Etsy. Unless you are able to build your own scheduling software you’re going to need to put time in as regular as you need to. If you’re blogging, platforms like WP do have scheduling which will post to your Facebook page so that is at least a help. I’m sure once Hootsuite falls completely by the wayside, someone else will come up with a new platform. I just wish they’d hurry up and get on with it!

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