Wardrobe Change Around

This week’s glorious weather, coupled with an imminent house move, have led me to turn my attention to my Winter/Summer wardrobe annual rotation. Because I don’t seasonally buy my wardrobe, and because space is limited, I have taken to storing winter or summer depending on the seasons. I have four underbed storage bags which give me space on the rails and, funnily enough, mean I don’t get bored of my clothes because I easily forget what I already have.

I’ve taken a tentative pre-move peek at what’s in my bags and I’ve already been reminded of dress projects from last year which barely got a look in, due to Manchester’s disappointing summer temperatures, and beautiful patterns that are so inspiring when coupled with the warmer weather. I hope the fabulous 24 degrees we have experienced this week are a good sign of things to come as the months progress.

Even more so, and because I am moving to more expensive accommodation, keeping costs down is imperitive. Whilst cutting down on clothing purchases is not going to make a huge difference to my budget since I rarely buy anyway, never was there a better time to be skilled at make do and mend, upcycle and alterations.

I’m feeling very enthusiastic about upscaling my existing wardrobe and seeing what repairs need to be done to summer’s selection and I hope that the early sun is also inspiring you into action whatever your creative leanings.

For me, this will also extend to the decor in my new flat. There are curtains to make, throws for sofas to fit, decorating to do and old furniture to upscale. I am no nester but I love a moving project.


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