I am not a big fan of making New Year Resolutions. You should start as you mean to go on and not wait until the first day of the year to make that all important change. But I really need to shake things up in 2018. I have been pushed and pulled all over the place in the last year and my design work has undoubtedly suffered. Even so, I have been focused on other creative projects which have the potential to bear fruit so it has not been a wasted year by any means.

It’s a tricky juggling act when the only person you have to bounce off is yourself. There is noone to split the workload with, so if you do need to take a sidestep there is no colleague holding the fort. How do I manage? Some times I have no idea.

Primarily I have to reconsider the online problem. I fret over whether social media is really of any use in this day and age of over-saturation and whether, for my kind of business, it is worth my effort. My instinct tells me it isn’t on a larger scale, and that going back to ground level and dealing with word of mouth, recommendations and face to face human contact is probably going to be more profitable.

That said, you cannot ignore some of the potential of social media and there is a difference between keeping a presence online and letting it take over your life. Instagram for instance is a great way to add in behind the scenes content such as design work and construction techniques and I’ve certainly seen positive responses from using Instagram in this way.

I’ve been chatting to a few colleagues in similar industries as well as one or two industry experts to get their take on it and I think I’m going to start worrying less about social media and more about real human beings. The facelessness of social media, the sterile environment in which you might be trying to present a very personal service, doesn’t do you or your business any justice and may not even help to get your message across.

So this is what most of January will have been about for me. How I then implement it is another matter.

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