How Am I Doing? September and October 2017

The key to the delay is in the title of this update and the date on which I posted it – mid November. I literally had nothing to write about in September. It had been another one of those busy months without much evidence of it so I’m not sure whether my lack of updates here is a good thing or not.

I’ve been involved in lots of creative projects that don’t include photoshoots and I’m okay with that because they have certainly been productive and inspiring, they just haven’t been fashion related.

Indeed, the last few months have been fairly chaotic and I’ve had to go back through my timelines to remind myself what work falls into this two month time period. Hopefully work will now settle down to a routine (my most feared state of mind) but I need it so that I can focus on keeping work coming in and designs going out.

Once again Harbuzenger produced another fantastic image from one of our shoots from earlier this year. Photographers who shoot prolifically and then bank their images are a vital resource for designers like me. I don’t necessarily want everything at once and even if I get a set of photographs in one group I am reluctant to put them out there in one go. It’s important to dripfeed your work because in social media land ‘you are only as good as your last update’. And so I am always glad when something new and exciting pops up on my Instagram.


Photographer: Harbuzenger
Model: Millie Kalinowska @ Model Students

Back in late August, or maybe it was early September – the summer seems such a long time ago now – I had the pleasure of meeting the following team in a scorching London for an editorial shoot which finally saw the light of day in early November. We walked for miles using various London landmarks as our backdrops to make an iconic set of images for Modern Magazine the link for which is attached below.

London shoots are a relative rarity for me now that I live in Manchester. Whilst I do have a London base it is not something I do regularly because largely, despite it being London, everyone still wants to collaborate rather than pay. So I am selective about what work I do that requires long distance travel.


You can find the link to this issue of Modern Magazine here

Model: Michaela Leslie
Photography: Bob Kozma
Designer: Falcieri Designs
Hairstylist: Aaron Best
MUA: Vivien Szabo

Right at the end of October, and risking everything because of the weather, I took myself off to Hoylake in Wirral within the broad area of Liverpool, for an outdoor shoot. Working under pressure can, and for me often is, enormously pleasing. And due to the light, we had a small window of opportunity to make the most of the beautiful autumn sunlight at a woodland and then a beach location. Two images really stood out for me which I have reproduced here. Despite the distance and the amount of organisation involved I’m happy to have these in my portfolio. Beach shoots, particularly, are always an unknown quantity, but as we say ‘we nailed it’.


Photographer: David Edwards
Model: Kayleigh Jo Daffern
Designer/Stylist: Falcieri Designs
Jewellery: Charlotte Hughes @ Embellished by Me
Makeup Artist & Hair Styling: Emma Lampkin @ EmmaculateStudios


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