Creative Block

Creative block is a given. It’s a real problem if you depend on your creativity for your income, or a part of your income. And sometimes that pressure can be what hinders your imagination.

If you are the creative entity in the business, and if you are a true creative, then you’ll know that you can’t switch it on between 9 and 5. Creativity, to a greater degree, happens when it wants. And you absolutely cannot force it. It’s no wonder so many people choose to keep it as a hobby.

I make the most of my creative splurges when they are there. But because I rarely take a break I probably have more downs that ups. Sometimes I just need a break from that particular creative ‘thing’ – I work in several mediums. Sometimes I just need to focus on something different to reinvigorate my imagination.

If I run out of steam in the design studio, a few sessions styling shoots can make a huge difference. Sometimes I put it all away in favour of writing. Sometimes I stop everything and try to focus on admin and social media updates.I have also found language learning to be a useful step back from the studio.

I’m just coming out of a massive creative block. I’d recently brought one major project to fruition, one more nears completion and the mental fall out has been huge. Post a heavy creative phase I always hit a bit of a desert. It’s no surprise. My two big projects – non fashion related – have taken 9 months to reach this point. But, as always, fashion is nagging in the background because at the moment this is the earner so I cannot simply put it aside. It has to work in tandem.

I don’t have any special tricks for overcoming creative block. Sometimes you just need new direction. Sometimes you genuinely need a break. But I am hardwired for creativity and there is no such thing as true downtime for me. I am incapable of switching off to it. I’ve learned not to fight it. Even so, the internet is loaded with advice. I like this list I found on the appropriately named ‘Creative Bloq‘. Hopefully you’ll find this useful too.


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