May 2017 – How Am I Doing?

May saw me finally nailing a fashion shoot. It’s a miracle….

The good ones are always worth the wait and I was glad to be back with my dream team. Things always go well for us and our days are really productive. This time we had a new hairstylist on board – welcome to the team Vicky Burns – which added an extra element that I think worked particularly well for this set.

Finding hairstylists is difficult – much harder than finding an MUA. Many combine the two but you notice the difference with a dedicated hairstylist and I absolutely love including them in my work. Here’s a choice few from our day that I particularly like. Thank you team:

Photographer: Peter M. Ferguson
Model: Charika Bo Channuntapipat
MUA: Meghan Baxter
HA: VickyLovesHair
Designer: Falcieri Designs

BoMayLime (2)BoMaystripes (6)BoMayBlue (7)Falcieri-170521-0044-3

Also this month, I leant to Channelle Lai who took a box of my designs on a mini tour around Cardiff. Many of the results are up on Facebook page already. Here’s a couple that I particuarly liked:

Photography by: Kelvin Brain – Cofio Photography
Model: Channelle Lai
Makeup by: MUA Channelle
Designer: Falcieri Designs



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