It’s an exciting time of year. It’s when I get to feel like I’ve been on a big shopping splurge without spending a penny. It’s time to rotate my wardrobe.

I’m a bit short of space. And I don’t see any reason to ditch the contents of my wardrobe just because the weather has changed. So every autumn and every late spring I pack everything into storage bags and do the big swap over.

I’ve just pulled out all my summer gear as it looks like the sun may have at last arrived in Manchester. I’ve found outfits that I’d forgotten I owned. I also found a romper suit I bought last year and had to do extensive alterations on so it would actually fit a normal human body shape – then the weather changed and I never wore it. So of course it fits like a glove now.

I also need to reassess what I can still fit into – in fact a few things fit better so I didn’t do too much damage over  the winter. And there’s the odd repair and adjustment – because there’s always that one thing that doesn’t quite fit but you don’t want to part with it. I have plenty of those.

So this bank holiday weekend is all about breathing new life into clothes I’ve had for years and refuse to give up on. It saves me having to go through the painful and depressing experience of shopping. Yes, I am a fashion person of sorts but I absolutely loathe clothes shopping. Nothing fits, the quality is dire and trying to find anything with a less than dubious supply chain is near impossible. So I simply rotate every year.

I find this more satisfying than shopping because I have clothes that I’ve been wearing for years and feel comfortable in and have no need to get rid of. Pulling out old favourites is like putting on a pair of slippers when you get home from work. It just feels right. So hello maxi dresses and capri pants. Hello summer frocks and slip on shoes. Bring it on summer!



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