How Am I Doing? February 2017

I am wracking my brains trying to think of anything out of the ordinary that has happened in February. It’s been another quiet month but in all honesty I think I have needed it. Images have been trickling in from January’s shoots and they are as beautiful as always. I have also been concentrating on adding to my designs as I have a big show in Manchester in April. I have to sort catwalk music, range and model styles.


But I’ve let go of February a bit. Everyone seems to be elsewhere doing other things and I just can’t get free days to match up. But I’m not going to worry about it because this has been burnout month. Not just for me, but for several of my self employed colleagues as well. I think it is probably the cumulative effect of short daylight hours, the cold, eating all the wrong food and a state of semi hibernation. And we’re all starting to feel a bit ropey around the edges. Spring is on the way, and the longer days and warmer weather are much in demand.

I guess this is when most of us start planning our summer breaks. Self employment means being strict enough with yourself to know when to take timeout but as there is no one to tell you to stop, you have to listen to your own conscience. Which doesn’t always get a look in. Or perhaps your workload doesn’t give you that breathing space to take a step back.

So here we all are, slowing down. But hey, the mornings are getting lighter and that means the evenings are too and no doubt we’ll all start to feel reenergised soon. As for planning the holiday – for many of us that is a pipe dream.

These days I get my travel kicks house sitting anywhere in the country it takes my fancy. It gives me a change of scenery on a budget and, in fact, the opportunity to work with people I wouldn’t normally cross paths with due to the distances between us. I’ll be away in Surrey for most of March but I will be contributing to a few shoots here in Manchester whilst I am away and in Surrey where I will be present.

As for the holiday, well I have to wait until May for mine. More on that in another post. But believe me it’s been a long time coming.

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