In The News This Week

I spotted two interesting things of note this last week. Firstly, over to Woman’s Hour who had a small but interesting section on fashion vloggers kindly described as ‘fashion influencers’ by the BBC programme. If you know me, you will know how much my heart sinks when I hear this job description.

One of the burning questions, so carefully skirted around by its two interviewees, was how much money they earned. They skilfully responded expounding the rich and positive collaborative relationship they had with the brands they were following.

There’s a very obvious reason why they avoided the issue. Like most ‘vloggers’ they make no money at all. And the gifting of products in return for positive comments is largely frowned upon by the fashion world at large these days, if not by the gifters and receivers, and indeed from a legal standpoint. Thus it was a moot point.

The second item was that sales of organic veg have soared. Not a lot to do with fashion of course, but it’s all about knock on effects., Apparently it’s beginning to dawn on the general public that you get what you pay for and buying organic and therefore more expensive fresh produce will get you a better product. Well who knew. I wonder if this will rub off in the fashion industry too. We can but hope.

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