Slayer Is Trending – Apparently

If you’re looking to cash in on what’s  up to the minute, social media trending is what you follow. I don’t do fashion in a high street sense (or ever in fact) so I largely look at trending from a detached viewpoint. Sometimes I’ll follow a colour but my designs don’t like the rules. That’s what’s great about running your own business – your rules, noone elses.

I was chatting to someone about why Primark are putting ‘Slayer’ on its t-shirts at the moment. I wasn’t aware they were ‘in’. Their music isn’t trending unless you follow Barcelona’s premier music festival Primavera for this year only.

After about 10 seconds of sleuthing on the interweb I found out they are releasing a comic book this month. Slayer, for those who don’t know are a thrash metal group given to bloody and violent videos. They’re not your average Primark shopper fodder – at least I can’t imagine many girls aged 10 – 15 with a fiver to spend drooling over a Slayer tee. But maybe I’m wrong. What can I say, I’m clearly not hip enough to know.

Primark tees are to me the iconic example of cashing in on something without having a clue what it’s about because ‘who cares there’s money in it somewhere’. I am constantly foxed by their choices  – especially their throw back tees. There are kids wearing Ramones t-shirts who probably haven’t ever heard a Ramones single. And Pacman. And The Strokes and strange rip off’s of the Sex Pistols ironic Never Mind The B****ks art and a whole range of self congratulatory logos such as ‘Dork’, ‘Jerk’ and ‘Loser’ as if these were good characterstics. This is at the heart of throwaway fashion.

T-shirts used to be the preserve of die hard fans. You displayed your favourite band on yours, so that people in the street KNEW which clan you belonged to. You could spot a fellow appreciater anywhere and fist pump if you so desired, or gave a knowing look. Now, they just fill a space on your chest and dilute the message. I’m pretty sure none of the t shirt wearers I see these days are fans of the art they are wearing.

I came across this for an 8 year old in Tesco the other day.  Do you think an 8 year old cares that Paris is the city of LOVE. What 8 year old even knows what LOVE is. But it’s sellable and I guess the mum’s who will be buying it for them will think it’s ‘cute’.


It’s all marginally depressing and one of many reasons I avoid the high street at all costs. Since I opened my eyes and educated myself about the fast fashion industry I find clothes shopping one of the most distasteful pastimes on the planet. But maybe that’s just me.. I’m off to write a book….

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