How Am I Doing? January 2017

January 2017 has been the month of cancellations. It happens. And in my experience they tend to come along in groups. Even so, the shoots I have managed to either arrange or be involved with have been interesting and all very different.

I haven’t been present for all of them – which is one of the advantages of having contacts. There are models, photographers and stylists with whom I have built relationships over the past few years that mean I can let garments go to them and know they will come back to me and in the same condition that they went out in. They are a very priviledged few. I know of plenty of designers with their own horror stories to tell of what happens to wardrobe if they don’t keep an eye on it.

So whilst attending only two shoots I have managed to amass four. Which isn’t bad really all things considered. One a week is quite enough provided you’re working with teams who can produce high quality images.

And despite the reduction in social media activity (as detailed in my last post) sales are up. January is always a strangely prolific month for me. It tends to drop off as people start to book their summer holidays. Something has to give, right?

Most of the images from January’s shoots are not in yet and some I await full credits for the teams – so I will update the list below as soon as the information reaches me.


Photographer: Big Ayo
Stylist: What Karin Saw
Models: Montanna97 @ J’Adore & Kam @ Maverick Models


Photographer: Harbuzenger
MUA/HA: Adele Makeup Artist
Models: Anna Quinn & Samantha Erised


Photographer: Graham Binns


Photographer: James Hall
Model: Rebecca Tun
Stylist: Falcieri Designs

For all things Falcieri Designs check out my website at


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