Still Doing It My Way

My silence on social media has not been a mistake. I have been conducting a sort of experiment. Last year I assaulted the internet with lots of blog updates and utilised Hootsuite to schedule as many Twitter, Instagram and Facebook postings as I could muster.

But I have been very aware that by doing this I have become the worst version of what I wanted to be about. There is nothing more jarring than a brand that continually bombards you with the same updates over and over again, or posts without any viable content to interest you. That’s just junk mail. Many of my posts were rehashed images from past shoots, which is all very nice but it isn’t new and frankly it does get a bit boring no matter how lovely the images might be. And so after a while it just started to look like I had nothing to say. And so I stopped.

Now, I am trying the opposite. By toning it down I am going to see how it affects my site traffic. By only posting content of real value, ie when I have something to say, I am expecting genuine followers to appreciate the lesser, though infinitely more useful updates rather than the continuous reminders that I have a shop and I want you to buy things or book me for shoots. The most notable result of my doing less online is that my sales have gone up. Yes, January in fact has been a healthy month.

My customers are careful shoppers. I don’t sell cheap rubbish. Everything is a unique one off, made with considerable care and attention. Most of my pieces are designed with multiple fit and taller ladies in mind. Therefore I already attract a niche customer – those who value individuality, quality and above all want to spend their money wisely on quality and not quantity. There are no ‘hauls’ at Falcieri Designs except when I go fabric shopping!

And that is essentially what I promote. If you think my products are too expensive then you are probably just not the right customer for me, which is fine because there are plenty of cheaper brands on the high street. I promote investment in skills and individuality. I promote home grown talent. I am proud of that. And so whilst January may appear to have been a quiet month for me, it really hasn’t been.

I have gravitated more towards Instagram over the last 6 months. A visual site is far more useful to me. I like to post behind the scenes in the studio, on the cutting table, behind the camera at a shoot. I hope my images are interesting and informative and above all give you a snapshot of what my design life is like.

You may well see production and design processes for pieces you are thinking about buying. And that makes it all the more special. And it’s proof that I am genuinely one person, in a studio in Manchester, doing everything my way. And that has to count for something.

If you’re not following me or haven’t discovered the virtues of Instagram yet, please join me. It’s one long party over here.

For all things Falcieri Designs check out my website at


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