How Am I Doing? December 2016

It’s the last update of 2016. Yes, another year is on its way out. And it’s the end of my second year in Manchester. Has it been good? But of course!

This year has been one of creative and mental improvement. The work has been great and the standard improving all the time. I have honed my style and my aims and financially I am still here so something is going right!

December has been quiet on the shoot front. The Christmas month is always a bit hit and miss. It’s an unpredictable one. But as I’ve always said, quality over quantity and I would rather have one really fantastic shoot every month, than 5 mediocre ones.

December meant a revist to a new model whom I worked with last month on Meghan Baxter’s showreel. Billie is talented, enthusiastic and a refreshing change. She’s also a natural redhead. I don’t get to work with enough redheads in my work. And her style and grace really lend themselves to my designs.

This shoot was another portfolio builder for Meghan Baxter as she approaches final hand in for her college assessments (yes this talented lady is still learning!). It’s a scary time and she’s helped me out on many shoots so I am only too happy to oblige. The quality of her work is always high and always an asset on my portfolio.

As a team we’ve already got our first shoot for 2017 booked in. It’s going to be a great start to the year.


Photographer: PeterFergusonPhoto
Model: @ Maverick Models
MUA/HA: Meghan Baxter MUA
Designer/Stylist: Falcieri Designs
Studio: Progress Centre, Ardwick

I was really excited to discover that one of the images from my shoot earlier this year with Toyah Willcox was used as a banner image as she received her Walk of Stars award in Birmingham this month. Toyah is already using a selection of our images over on her official website. So this really was the icing on the cake. Huge thanks to the team who I worked with to create these images. To Gary Clutterbuck who’s incredibly high standards are always a joy to receive in my inbox and to Louise Shepherd MUA who is always fun to work with as well as talented!


Right at the end of 2016 – on Boxing Day in fact – another publication sneaked in from our Toyah set thanks to Visual Artistry Magazine. Huge thanks to the team – Gary Clutterbuck Photography, Craig Astley, Louise Shepherd MUA, Irina Istratova at BigBad Red and designer Katarzyna Konieczka.


There’s a full round up of all this year’s work over on my Facebook page. Click here to see my favourite images from 2016. A selection of this year’s moving images reside here on YouTube.

Huge thanks to everyone I have collaborated with this year. To those I have only worked with once or twice, I hope to see you again. To those whom I have called on time and time again and reciprocated with, I hope to see you again next year! Your help and your enthusiasm and your creativity are a constant source of inspiration. To those still lurking in the distant corners of social media who aren’t sure whether to contact me, please do so. So long as you’re matching the quality, I am always keen to work.

Have a great Christmas and enjoy your New Year celebrations. See you on the flipside.


For all things Falcieri Designs check out my website at


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