Reevaluating Social Media Impacts

After almost two years of intense work, since I arrived in Manchester in actual fact, I am scaling back on the incessant blogging and social media activity on my business sites. It’s not that I’m bored or have lost interest, I simply have other things battling for my attention. I also feel that a lot of what I do here isn’t noticed. It’s often hard to tell if anyone is looking at your work. Followers often don’t react to posts.

I’ve questioned whether the intensity of activity is worth my time. Would I rather concentrate on higher quality posts than quantity? Maybe my social media should follow the same ethos as my design style?

By way of explanation, I am currently juggling two full time jobs which I love more than anything else in the world (fashion and writing). And depending on what’s going on, one demands my attention more than the other. I have also just taken on some new work responsibilities two hours from home in Nottinghamshire which are just as satisfying as everything else I do. If I am not working, I am not happy. So I work.

Currently it’s the writing part of my life which needs my attention. I am revising a book I published in 2014, completing a film script and forging new working relationships within those areas and it’s very rewarding.

These are two very different worlds. Fashion is over subscribed and I am drowning in social media (other people’s not my own) which means the quality isn’t getting through most of the time (even using Hootsuite isn’t helping). And I am sick of battling against the Primarks and fashion vloggers of this world and being constantly smothered by an overload of trashy self absorbent fashion media. It’s just not me on any level.

So I am moving most of my efforts over to my writing where it is appreciated and read by people who value it and it feels more substantial. I’m keeping my fashion business ethical and considerate which has been its ethos since the start. I am not a part of fast fashion. I never could be. My work will attract the right customers, people who don’t want everything for a fiver, who understand what ‘Made in the UK’ and handcrafted really means. I would rather sell one full priced dress a month to someone who will love it, than 50 tops I ran up in half an hour for £5 a piece. That is not creativity.

Instagram is currently the best social media outlet for my design work so that one will remain very active. If you are an Instagram fan, join me here if you haven’t already and you’ll find behind the scenes in the studio and on the pattern cutting table, final images and reposts from collaborations. I think my feed is really interesting and quite inspiring. I hope you feel the same.

My blog is going to be more focused. I have never posted for the sake of it and the quality of my posts will continue but there won’t be two a week for now. It’s just too much.

For all things Falcieri Designs check out my website at


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