How Am I Doing? November 2016

November has been interesting. It’s been a very mixed month work wise which is how I like it. I hate routine and I like exploring new ideas and pushing myself out of my comfort zone.

As well as what I’m about to tell you, some of the work I did last month is now online but I’ve updated last month’s round up for that. You can head back here to see what’s new.

November began with me still in London where I finally had the chance to work with a fabulous team in Essex at a truly wonderful and unique derelict church site. We got creative with fabrics and put our model’s dance skills to the test. I think this has turned out really well. Very picturesque and though cold we had the most beautiful weather! More images will be on Facebook soon, but my Instagram already includes the results.


Photographer: John Gleeson
Model: Sophia West
MUA/HA: Sarah McIlwain-Bates

November also saw my first fashion runway show in Manchester (at last). This was a pre-event for Fresh off the Runway which will be next year. We utilised the space at Ziferblat in Edge Street in the Northern Quarter to create an alternative catwalk that was a real winner. Ziferblat laid on cake and sparkly wine for that VIP feeling! Waiting on images….

Speaking of runways, the full promo for next year’s show at the Mercure Hotel hosted by Flawless Events is now up. I’ve added a link to buy tickets here. It’s a sit down 3 course dinner event with special celebrity guests, music and lots of designers. Head on over and take a look. This promises to be a fantastic evening!

November saw another shoot with my dream team. I know people wonder what’s going on when you shoot with the same people all the time, but to be honest, when you find people you can rely on and are great at what they do, you do have a habit of wanting to work with them again and again. Building up ongoing working relationships is one of my strong points and I always like to help others add to their portfolios.

Bo Charika is a fantastic model. She also modelled for my runway show earlier in the month and she has a creative edge that works really well with my designs. I can’t get enough of her skills in front of the camera!


Model: Bo Charika
Photographer: PeterMark Photo
MUA\HA: Meghan Baxter

At the end of November I took part in a Q&A session at the Manchester Fashion Institute (part of MMU) for their fashion students hosted by Andrew Ibi. I featured alongside the lovely people at Stitched Up in Chorlton, Jutah Studios and Pop Boutique to give advice and answer questions for the next generation of fashion graduates.


The focus was running a business and we offered realistic pros and cons of surviving in a world that seems so dominated by fast fashion. Although we all face similar problems our businesses are very different so it was a great opportunity to see the common ground issues faced by small clothing companies with different strategies.

I well remember those heady days of impending freedom. Of course I already knew what I wanted to do and was already setting up my business when I finished. Many graduates haven’t worked out their next move and it’s great to be able to hand over some advice even if it’s not always what people want to hear. Fashion is a tough industry. There isn’t much cash about and you have to love what you do first and foremost to make it work.

Afterwards we had a chance to chat to attendees and staff on a more personal level and it was inspiring to hear what they had to say, get their perspective and share their hopes and dreams.

I think there is going to be more mileage in my relationship with the Fashion Institute and the seeds of some great ideas were already starting to form as we chatted. I am going to write up a more focused blog on my time with them this week as it’s a valuable area for discussion.

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