The True Cost

Everything I do comes with an ethos in mind. I am glad that I can set myself apart from probably 90% of the rest of the fashion industry and say I don’t do everything for profit. I do it because it is what I love. And that comes from within, not from some grandiose idea of walking down the catwalk of London Fashion Week. That’s never going to happen. And I don’t care, because you know what, I don’t want that.  Because I don’t like what it represents.

Last month I went to a film showing at Impact Hub Westminster to see ‘The True Cost‘, a truly terrifying film about the impact the fashion industry is making on the world. The last time I went to a similar viewing in Manchester as part of Fashion Revolution week (drop in here for a reminder), I cried. And I can’t help it. I see how our greed and material desire is destroying our planet and abusing everything in it and I can’t help but feel ashamed of the industry I attach myself to.

It is why I refuse to become a production label. It is why I refuse to stock in shops. It is why I refuse to manufacture abroad. I don’t want those kinds of images on my conscience. Ever. In a world of $5 t-shirts, fashion bloggers and hauls I am glad to set myself apart.

I posted Untold’s video up on my last monthly update after my visit to Impact Hub. But I’m adding it again here for anyone who missed it, or chose not to watch it. You owe it to yourself, to the economy, to the next generation to care about this stuff. You have no excuse for ignorance except your own lack of interest or your assumption that it’s nothing to do with you.

Please watch it. Then go to the Youtube channel and educate yourself.

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