How Am I Doing? October 2016

You have probably noticed a lack of updates of late. I’ve been involved in some other non fashion projects (yes sometimes it happens) and realising I cannot give both equal full time attention. That said, I have needed to take a step back from the 24 hour a day attitude I have towards the business and it’s been nice to take a break.

I am scaling back on my social media usage. I always try to be choosy about what I post up and keep it useful and informative. I continue to perceive my business as more thoughtful and considerate than many fashion brands out there and I need my social media content to reflect the quality and effort I put into how I present the ethos of my work. Social media can become obsessional and when it’s that accessible it can be hard to put down. So don’t panic, I am still around!

When I’m not doing fashion I am also a writer. My writing (apart from this blog has nothing to do with fashion) and it’s a welcome break from something that is quite literally my life. I have been revising a book I wrote in 2014 and working on other projects that have developed as a spin off from that and it’s very different subject matter which is a refreshing change. Writing is very much a part of my life that extends beyond my fashion interests but equally it is something I keep quite separate.

London has been a big focus of October from both a fashion and non fashion point of view and I was here from the 24th October until 4th November. I’ve really enjoyed being back down south and it’s been wonderful to meet new people and get a chance to work with creatives I wouldn’t normally see because of the distance between us.

I didn’t do too many shoots whilst I was here in the end, but I don’t think I was expecting to be inundated. The presumption that London must be where all the work is, isn’t a reality and it reminds me of the vibrancy of Manchester where I live where there seems to be endless enthusiasm. However, I was really pleased to get the chance to shoot with Jessica Rens Photography and her team in Hyde Park which made for a stunning autumnal location for some of my new unseen designs. And I love the images I’ve seen so far! I am waiting for the finals from most of my October shoots and videos. They will be added here as and when they come through and will be made available in all the usual places on Twitter and Instagram so make sure you follow me for the latest updates!

Whilst I was in London I made the time to get myself to Impact Hub Westminster for their film show ‘The True Cost’ on 31st October organised through Eventbrite. Impact Hub are doing great things in the heart of London for small businesses which focus on the community. Check them out! I’ve been to a couple of showings now for the ethically conscious fashionista. The quality of the films shown is fantastic. If you get a chance to see this one, please do. It will really make you think hard about the fashion industry and how you to contribute towards it. It’s something we all need to think about, and something we are all affected by. I’ve added the trailer here from their YouTube channel ‘Untold’. It’s an honest, terrifying and thought provoking watch by anyone’s standards. Whatever you choose to believe, this is the truth behind the fashion industry in the world today.

And so to the shoots..

MUA: Meghan Baxter MUA
Models: Billie @ Maverick Models and Kam @ Maverick Models and Jacob Watson @ Maverick Models
Cinematography: Lyon Projects

Another video – this time for HoneyHand’s 5th anniversary advertisement.

Brand: Honey Hand
Cinematographer: Alistair Little
Milk and Honey Media


Photography: Jessica Rens Photography
Model: Elisa Bei
Assistant: Andrea Macia @ Acroarts



Published in Surreal Beauty Magazine
Model: Magdalena Perlińska
Photography: Gary Clutterbuck
MUA: Make-over magic by louise shepherd
Retouching: Salden Eltagonde Retouching
Designer/Stylist: Falcieri Designs
Magazine available for purchase here

For all things Falcieri Designs check out my website at


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