Fashion Has Lost Its Way – And It Was Inevitable

There’s an underlying current in the press looking into what fashion has become. From ethical and sustainable issues which question what sacrifices your next ‘haul’ is worth, to how collections are marketed and sold as a lifestyle rather than a set of products.

High fashion has always been the playground of the rich and famous. It’s about the image, the value of a label, the quality. Which said a lot about your standards and your goals in life. Think ‘Absolutely Fabulous’ if you dare.

But with the ease of access to free social media suddenly everyone has become a superstar, even though the context and substance of what many of these ‘social media celebs’ are is little more than a set of filtered selfies.


Narcissism and fashion go hand in hand. That in turn has had a knock on effect on the industry’s general attitude towards what it is there for. The sacrifices now are that everything is expendable for profit. And that means churning out trends which make them accessible to the poor as well as the rich. And keeping customers coming back for more.

It’s not about the clothes anymore, it’s about the money, the status, the SM opportunities. Keeping up with looks that make everyone look like cardboard cut outs of each other. There is a lack of identity and individuality in mainstream fashion which defies the point of what clothing is supposed to represent. In hard times everything has become about profit for companies clinging on in our ongoing lazy recession and in the wake of the Brexit vote.

It has turned customers into shallow, self congratulatory wannabes in its quest. But it has essentially shot itself in the foot because now it has to keep up the pretence. Will anyone pay what something is really worth ever again?

But despite this there is scope for change. And huge opportunities for small designers like myself with a genuine love of the aesthetics and process of creating who won’t sacrifice supply chain for another buck in the bank.


My brand and what it represents is precious to me. It is an extension of my take on the world, of my beliefs, of my hopes. And in an age of such shallow entities, it makes my brand worth so much more in real terms. And that alone is something worth being.

Instead of representing an affluence and desire for the best, this new breed of design label is suggestive of a moral code. It is more than a fashion choice. It is a set of ideals which says so much about the person and the company. And ultimately their fans.

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