Dressing The Stars

I’ve never dressed a celebrity, or indeed anyone, for a red carpet event. But I’ve often thought I’d like to. And if the opportunity came up I would probably snap someone’s hand off for the chance. What fashion designer wouldn’t? It’s advertising and it’s accessibility.

I’m not quite sure how designers go about it. I suppose some approach their chosen A-lister, I guess a lucky few get approached to supply garments. Either way, it’s a give and take relationship. The kind of collaboration that must be really satisfying for both parties. Everyone’s a winner.

Once my dresses have sold, I rarely find out what happens to them. Ironically most of them go to the USA. But after they’ve been handed over at the post office, it’s unusual for me to hear any more. Recently one of my dresses was bought and worn at a Mayfair art gallery preview. Which is pretty exciting. It’s Mayfair. It’s an art gallery. It’s high end. It’s my work in action, doing what it does best. And it has to be glamorous. It’s the kind of venue where my work truly belongs. Yes I have high aspirations. And no I’m not kidding.

This isn’t a hint or anything. Oh okay, so yes it is. If you’re in need of some exclusive garments and you like what I do, just drop me a line. I am uber approachable and spectacularly enthusiastic.

But I digress….

Every so often I hear of relatively small designers finding favour with someone who has the media at their beck and call. Manchester based Keep It Bright has Miley Cyrus. Zeynep Kartal has – well, pretty much everyone. These are no overnight success stories though. People usually work for years to get that kind of recognition.

It also depends hugely on the individual tastes of the celebrity wearer and no doubt there’s more than a little ‘right time right place’. Finding products is incredibly hard work with so much social media out there.

One of my little projects is to find a brand champion. Someone, or some people, who want to wear because it’s ‘their thing’. And it is simply a case of finding those people who may be interested and making the approach. Because if you don’t ask, you most definitely don’t get.

For all things Falcieri Designs check out my website at www.falcieridesigns.co.uk


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