Revamping My Wardrobe

Whilst I stop myself short of the 6 Items Challenge, I have imposed a no purchase ban on high street shopping this year. Even though I rotate my summer and winter wardrobes due to limited rail space I have to confess I probably only wear about a quarter of my wardrobe at all. I hate clutter, and recently moving house has reminded me how much I have that I don’t wear. Currently I have four large underbed storage vacbags which just contain the things I don’t use. And it’s just not necessary.

I have a number of garments that only come out for special occasions, a lot of summer wear that rarely sees the light of day because it’s usually too cold and a handful of pieces that don’t fit me anymore but I refuse to get rid of because there is the dream of one day being able to fit into them again.

13126646_593733804117593_1591440513_nSince some of my regular wears are now starting to fall apart to an salvageable level, I have started upcycling items I would wear if they fitted me. These include a denim jacket that never really fitted anyway and three pairs of jeggings that needed letting out. My wardrobe is largely full of things I bought over a year ago, some considerably longer. As I am not replacing anything that has worn out I am now forced out of my comfort zone and back into garments I have been too lazy to wear.

We all have our default wardrobe, the things we go to every day because it’s easy to throw on. Not having them there makes me think harder about my choices and reminds me of outfits I forgot I even had.

The final aim is to get my entire wardrobe down to a wearable interchangeable selection of summer and winter pieces so that on any given morning I actively pull out a full outfit on the rail. By compiling my looks in advance, I will always get the most out of what I own and have no excuse for making new fast fashion purchases.

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