‘Must Try Harder’

Over on Instagram not so long ago someone asked what the name of your biography would be. My instant response was ‘Must Try Harder’.

Despite all the things I have done, my achievements have been far outweighed by my ambition. But it was ambition with a fault and so all my bucket list wants have taken far too long to reach fruition and in no way stretched to their full potential.

I have achieved them all except one to a greater or lesser degree. I run a business. I published a book. I got on tv. But they are all fairly mediocre achievements in terms of how far I should have taken them. In any case I had decided by the age of 16 I was going to do them all one day. Top marks for persistence I guess.

Of course, only a lucky few achieve genuine success and get it totally on their terms. I thought I’d have all my wants sewn up by 25. But by the age of 21 all that drive and enthusiasm had started to wain.

These days I am thankful I have managed so many relatively big personal aims. Of course, the truth is that many  successful people don’t realise their dreams until their 40s or 50s. Provided you live long enough to reap and enjoy the rewards of your labours does it really matter what you did with the previous decades? You’re never too old for your 5 minutes of fame.

Most of us don’t even know who we really are until our 30s. Personal identity is as much a part of the struggle as figuring out what you want to do in life. Which is ironic considering the education system wants you to have that all sewn up by the time you are 18. The University of Life is your most valuable resource. The perception of instant fame for fame’s sake, and so young, is a very modern phenomenon and it lacks substance. I wouldn’t want it like that.

I have only one significant ambition left to be realised but the things I have already achieved need more work and have much more scope for success. This year everything has really taken a turn for the better and I feel more enthusiastic and confident than I have in some time.

These days every opportunity, every job, leads to something new. And that is what it is all about.

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