How Am I Doing? September 2016

September has been fantastic. And I feel fantastic. And everything is ok with the world.

Right at the beginning of the month I revisited one of my longstanding collaborative relationships with Just Add Pictures. We are rapidly approaching the end of our second year!

Working with someone on a continuous basis means you have the opportunity to build on a strong creative foundation and tune into someone else’s working styles. By doing this you get used to the way someone works which means you can make stronger images. I now work with a number of creatives on return shoots and I think it shows in the results.

This month we were joined by London model Gemma Kingsley who has an impressive portfolio. The main premise of the shoot was inspiration from the artist John Singer Sargent and I was commissoned to make an Edwardian style dress for the occasion. It’s always tricky making something like this because there are no fittings involved so I was armed only with the measurements on Gemma’s agency page. I think we did rather well!

It’s not often I get the chance to do historical costume these days so I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge and I think the images have been a great success. As well as the attached you can find more from our shoot on the Just Add Pictures website.


I also had the chance to showcase a couple of my newest dresses. Gemma is wonderfully tall at 5ft 11 ins and she perfectly fits my styles. I’ll be adding a few more of these in the up and coming weeks but for now I love this soft knit with sequins.


Photography: Just Add Pictures
Model: Gemma Kingsley
MUA and Hair Stylist: Adele Coxon MUA
Designer/Stylist: Falcieri Designs

In early September I was part of the team that filmed the promotional video for next year’s Manchester runway show in conjunction with Flawless Events, a NW based company. I’ve never been part of a promo video before but I am used to the set up of recording and filming on location so it wasn’t an unfamiliar experience.

It requires the patience of a saint as there’s a lot to do on the day that involves little action. But it’s well worth the effort and the results have been exciting and inspirational for next year’s show. What follows is a teaser for the full length trailer which will be out soon. Tickets go on sale this month so you only need to wait a short while longer. Keep watching my social media for announcements.

Videography: JM Productions and Ryan Connor
Hairstylist: Hair by Chelsea
Dress Designers: Soul Junkie and Falcieri Designs
Model/MUA: Natalie R Vella

I make contacts with every job I do. Networking is extremely important for what I do. You never know where the next job will lead. Invariably a shoot can end up with a sale. Gemma Kingsley who I had worked with on my first shoot this month purchased a dress from me for a London art gallery show ‘Let’s Talk About Sex’ Part 2 by Aleksandra Karpowicz at D Contemporary Gallery. Gemma had been involved with the project as one of the models. As I’ve already mentioned, she is one of those wonderfully rare really tall models that I occasionally cross paths with. Many of my dresses are made with 6ft ladies in mind so she was keen to add to her wardrobe and it’s always a pleasure to reciprocate. Gemma’s Instagram includes a few glimpses of the event.

In mid September our August shoot with The Linney Group for Makeup Obsession and Boots UK went live on their website. You’ve probably seen this all over my social media for the last month. Working alongside such recognisable high street brands is good publicity for any company and when you are small it’s a big feather in your cap. I’m really proud of this achievement and looking forward to more bookings like this in the future.


Boots campaign launch for Makeup Obsession with The Linney Group
Photographer: Harbuzenger
Models: Esme @ ModelStudents and Annabelle Loveluck
MUA and Hairstylist: Adele Coxon MUA

It’s no secret that I hate the 9-5. Routine bores me. So I suppose I picked the right job. No day is ever the same and no schedule is ever like the last. So when I had an email from Jamie Lundy last Thursday afternoon confirming a shoot in Manchester that evening I jumped at the chance. Images will follow soon abd hopefully there will be return visits to explore new ideas at length.


Photographer: Jamie Lundy Photography
MUA\Hairstylist: Satyrion By Anneliese
Model: Grace @Nemesis Manchester
Creative Director: Mel Wayman

It feels like forever since I worked with this team. I’ve been designing new dresses in anticipation for my trip to London at the end of October but I knew these deserved a try out and I had a really strong idea for how I wanted them to look. It’s all black, white, grey and red. Images under wraps for just a short while longer but you are going to love these!

These guys are my dream time. We’ve worked together a number of times abd everything always goes to plan. We experiemented with some bew ideas this time abd tecresults are just stupendous. All I can say is ‘watch this space’.


Photographer: Peter Mark Photography
Model: Charika
MUA/Hairstylist: Meghan Baxter MUA

In completely unrelated news September marked the return of one of Manchester’s iconic TV shows Cold Feet. Set and filmed on location here, it’s a reminder of how lucky I am to live in such a diverse and creative city that has a place in so many hearts.  It’s an inspiration and the range and sheer number of creative people living and working here keeps me on the right road and reminds me that I have so much left to do.



For all things Falcieri Designs check out my website at

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