Networking, Brands and Sticking Together

When you’re a big company people want to be your friend. They want your help up the ladder and they’ll piggie back off your name to help them along. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

When you’re small it is essential that you are involved with influential people and brands that enable you to be taken seriously in your field. But you can’t just message companies and expect them to offer you the chance to prove yourself. Invariably opportunities will come to you via a side-door you didn’t know was open. Companies who act as a go between via you and the big names. Companies that are taken seriously by the big boys and can give you a slice of the action.

This means, don’t contact Chanel for work, look at who they use to supply them with the services they need. Or look at who the services use if you still think contacting their next in line is punching above your weight. Climbing ladders is where it’s at. ‘Slowly slowly catch a monkey‘ as the saying goes. Building your reputation slowly, confidently and through experience is better than jumping in at the deep end.

This last month or so my reputation has started to proceed me. Often I don’t realise that I have a reputation or indeed any kind of influence at all until I am recommended, or brought into a high profile team. It’s about giving people good experiences, about turning up on time, prepared, able to deal with situations, being enthusiastic and always being taken seriously.

For me it’s second nature. I am the voice of ‘Falcieri Designs’ and I love what I do so presenting the best image and enjoying what I do are the two most important things to me.

I see small companies all the time failing on the basics. Leaving clients left standing at meetings, not being fully prepared for a job, backing out at the last minute. From my experience that has a knock on effect. Those are the things you remember about someone and it’ll make you think twice about hiring them or recommending them to others.

If you want to be taken seriously, get good. If you want to stay in business, act like one.

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