The Uncomfortable World Of Self Promotion

14322525_10153931682081724_6521626108611965135_n-vertIf you’re lucky enough to have an agent, people find you. Social media may be surplus to your requirements but it will inevitably happen. Your PR and fans do the work for you. It’s kind of out of your hands but often carefully managed. It’s organic.

When you are small you are your own agent. This means you are also your own PR and marketing. You are your own website builder. You are your own social media guru.

Basically, you are most definitely blowing your own horn. And let’s be honest this is why I signed up for the long term. I love what I do. But creativity and modesty go hand in hand. It’s a strange double act. But very common.

Curated content, posts with substance and censorship are all things that need to be carefully considered if you want to be professional and taken seriously. Are you promoting your business? An event? Adding a little human element to your timeline – valuable for consumer connection.

Avoiding that post drunk night out update on your wall and de-tagging yourself from unflattering content is ongoing. As is the constant scan for spammy followers who drag your credibility down. Just no.

And what about wider press and publicity? The question on my mind at the moment is ‘Is it ok to ask for interviews?’ Do designers do this? Does anyone do this? Agents are contacted all the time with opportunities for their clients. But even if you are actively self promoting yourself, are outside press actually looking for those opportunities? And is it your self promotion that’s letting you down as potential media material, or are they just not interested in doing the leg work?

I have a healthy dislike of selfies. It seems so self congratulatory and even though I know a lot of photographers, I am far too embarrassed to ask any of them for a set of flattering and usable images for my business sites. But it’s that human aspect again that’s actually really important. Even so, I am just not comfortable hawking myself about like that. But if asked, I don’t refuse.

Did you see what I did there…?

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