Online May Not Make You ‘Findable’

I am discovering some interesting things about customer behaviour thanks to Hootsuite. By saving certain hashtag searches into my ‘streams’ I can see what people are putting on Twitter and Instagram. And some of it really confuses me.

In the same way that three quarters of people under 35 now use mealkits in some form or another to create recipes rather than use Google to find what they want, fashion consumers prefer to post help requests via social media rather than search online for clothing shops.

No matter how clever your metadata there are lots of people who will never find your shop online unless someone spoon feeds them the information they need. But is it because we’re lazy or because we’re looking for personal recommendation first? Or is it something else entirely?

In our modern age where you can find out almost anything thanks to the internet, why is the younger generation so unable to use the tools readily at their disposal to find basic information? They have it all at their finger tips, and what seems obvious to me, is totally beyond their comprehension.

Using keywords on Hootsuite to help me find customers via has taught me several things. Namely that:

a) Customers don’t search for companies – they do shout outs so that other people can direct them to companies instead;

b) They believe that whatever outfit exists in their head is already out there somewhere. Comments like ‘Why can’t I find green wool wide leg trousers for fall? Help me please!’ are not uncommon;

c) Tweet shaming retailers who fail to meet the 10 hours between ordering online and delivering to the door is a thing;

d) Getting votes on what colour shoes go with that new dress purchase is also very much a thing.

pexels-photo online

Thus, as a company how do you make social media work for you? Hashtags won’t always work because consumers are adding their own hashtags not looking for yours. In response you have to keep searching for theirs not the other way round. And that’s a lot of admin if you’re using this method as a way to follow up on leads.

The question is, are these consumers valuable for your business? Chances are many of them are looking for rock bottom prices too. Hardened shoppers already have their ‘go to’ to fill their shopping needs. And I presume are already savvy to finding new outlets online anyway. It certainly seems to be a later ‘Millennials and Generation Z’ problem.

This is all part of my ongoing questioning of the value of social media and just how much you can get from it before it all boils down to good old fashioned sales techniques. I have this feeling that SM has reached a saturation point where there are so many platforms out there you can’t possibly capture your audience effectively. Bricks and mortar shops have an attached ‘effort factor’ that turns many shoppers off. But equally the touch of a keypad and the wait for courier delivery seems to be far too time consuming for some.

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