At the beginning of June, my Google Analytics account recorded a drop in website traffic to zero. So brutal was the drop in numbers that I assumed there must have been a problem with my account. So I spent a few weeks reading up on algorithms, organic traffic, referral spam and any number of other factors to try and determine what had changed.

I am no techie so everything I do is a crash course in internet learning.  And this is why it’s taken me so long to sort out.

When you’re small and wondering why on earth you put yourself through it all, drops in interest like this can be devastating emotionally. My enthusiasm and my drive fell through the floor as I became convinced that people had just stopped paying any attention to my business. It’s hard enough trying to get someone to buy something, but when they’re not even keeping up with your work, it hits hard.

It was an accumulation of small events. My subscription service via Mailchimp which I set up in May and was told was a ‘brilliant way to attract customers’ had yielded only one sign up. It really is crushing.

I blog regularly with very few hits from what I can tell, I use Twitter and IG more constructively these days thanks to Hootsuite. People are always interested in what I do. But interest is where it stops. So why continue with something that doesn’t yield even a basic income on a regular basis?


I dread these pockets of doubt. My need for a holiday wasn’t helping.  June was painful financially and July was equally barren. Considering your options at times like this is a valid and realistic approach. I’m always rechecking my get out clause because I’m not the type of person to just sit back and think that things will be okay. Because they won’t unless I stay in control.

Getting through on the internet is hard although without bricks and mortar it is definitely damage limitation as outgoings are kept to a controllable minimum.

This story however, does have a happy ending. Having worked out when things went wrong at the beginning of July I made some changes and asked my Facebook followers to log into my website. And I got a spike in traffic. I was sure it wasn’t a coincidence that my traffic dropped when I changed to a new mobile friendly design template on my website. What caused the traffic drop? I needed to update the website link address and remove the www.


For all things Falcieri Designs check out my website at


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