Runway vs Presentation

When you are small and starting out and don’t have a bricks and mortar outlet, catwalks are a great way to get yourself noticed by real people in real places. They are a chance to come face to face with your customers and give them that all important touch and feel experience so lacking in a lot of fashion these days.

However, getting yourself on the catwalk is a huge struggle. It costs money. And with that expenditure comes no guarantee that you will even recoupe your costs let alone make any profit. And when things are tight, kissing goodbye to £1000 to get yourself onto one of the minor fashion weeks is a big ask.

The most I have ever spent on a show was £350 and it lead to absolutely nothing. So I have been reluctant to invest any further. However, this year (and nearly 2 years since that show) I will be trying the catwalk experience again. Now that I have an established base here in Manchester and a network of contacts as well as a following of sorts, it’s time to try again. So I’m taking the leap in September with a Manchester based show.

I have been watching Youtube videos a lot recently and came across Molly Goddard. She stages quirky fashion presentations which seem like a much more satisfying way to show a collection than 3 minutes up and down a straight runway.

I realise these are not a new concept and for many are a preferred way to showcase giving audiences time to study and reflect on the garments.

It also strikes me this could be a far more cost effective way to stage a show. Theoretically you could exhibit in your living room. No need for runways, expensive PA systems or choreography.

With fashion so diverse, isn’t it time that was reflected in the final presentation?

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