So That’s Where All The Good Videos Go!

I started a YouTube channel. I wanted to fill it with useful, interesting and educational things about the fashion industry. Things that would appeal to other fashion professionals and small business owners like myself as well as consumers looking for the behind the scenes story of brands so they could connect with them.

I’ve also started adding a few vlogs of my own. The face behind the business is important if you want to connect. And as uncomfortable as it is to record yourself and put it out on the internet, I do think it’s a worthy task simply because I know that’s what I look for.

The thing is, since leaving Uni I haven’t had that many opportunities to see how other designers work. We all have very different methods and ways of working. I was self taught. I was designing before I went to University so I already had my own way of doing things and didn’t play by the rules. I still don’t, so I know the way I work is very haphazard. I wouldn’t do well in a fashion house. Which is why I don’t work in one.


So far it’s not been easy. The vast majority of ‘world of Youtube’ is filled with fashion bloggers showing off their latest ‘Primark haul’ and student designers who look more dolled up than the models who end up wearing their collections on the graduate catwalk.

Fashion designers don’t look like ‘fashionistas’. Look at anyone who reluctantly pops their head out on to the runway at the end of their collection show and they’ll be in a t-shirt, jeans and converse. If they were obsessed with what they were wearing they’d have no time to design.

Designers come in all shapes and sizes and have all levels of skill. There are the designers who delegate everything and pop their name on the label (celebrities), designers who ream off about 10 collections a year (guest designers under pressure from profit seeking outlets) and the people who do everything themselves or with a small handpicked team (designer makers/independent designers/British made).

On Youtube you can also find out how to start your own clothing line (ie how to find other people to do it for you and make you look good) and a day in the life of ME ME ME which is nothing like YOU YOU YOU.


The suggestion is that fashion is your path to riches and it’s incredibly glamorous and filled with coffee breaks and inspirational visits to museums and foreign countries and photoshoots with celebrities. Wrong.

I have found just a few videos which are realistic. A Day in the Life of James Steward, a couture designer from Leeds is much more like your average day as a designer. You’ll spend all day between four walls making, altering, doing admin or thinking about doing all those things. You won’t speak to anyone except fabric stores and perhaps a few people in your building and your clients. You’ll talk to yourself, the radio, the tv. This is my day to day life.

And then someone reminded me about Vimeo (thanks Chris!) and there was my answer. So here it is. You can go here to my newest channel and see the stuff I was trying to find in the first place. But I will keep on with the Youtube side of things. So you can subscribe to both and dip in every so often. Thank you for watching and reading.

For all things Falcieri Designs check out my website at


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