How Am I Doing? July 2016

July has been hard. Hard financially. Hard because it rained nearly all the time which gets pretty tiresome after a while. Hard because I don’t feel I have done anything very creative in the last 31 days.

I sorted some glitches in my Analytics data (thank you all for still following me in one form or another!), I joined Tumblr properly and I bought something that I’ve wanted since I set my business up – an industrial sewing machine! It was an investment I dearly wanted but I was waiting for the right one to find me. And then it did.

Above all I desperately needed a holiday but I just don’t have the funds. So I took a week out and went down south to my parents. Of course, it’s impossible to switch off. I have to keep monitoring emails, social media, draft blogs, check bank accounts. How can you not? If you run a business alone noone else is going to do it for you whilst you are away. But sometimes a change is as good as a rest.

Most importantly I am in talks for a big fashion show next year. More details to follow as and when but if you can be in Manchester on 8th April 2017 please hold the date!

With my creative fatigue I have only achieved one shoot this month. It’s a good one and it’ll get its own write up soon. So I am sorry for the less than visual round up this month. More next time I promise!

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