I Cannot Wear A 1960s Dress

As a prequel to my attempts to make a Mondrial dress (watch out for that blog in the future) I patterned up a shift dress. I could have bought the pattern ready made, but where’s the challenge in that?

It should be the most forgiving design ever. It’s slightly A-line and covers all the bits you don’t want seen. And although it came out perfectly and I love it, I probably won’t be wearing it.

Very few dress styles suit me. I am wide in the chest and hips, with a very hour glass figure and to top it off I’m short in the body. This basically means anything without definition looks incredibly unflattering because my waist is pretty much all I have going for me.


Equally most dresses I buy ready made need shortening in the body. I recently bought a jumpsuit on sale in New Look and I’ve had to take about 4 inches off the straps because it’s just too long. This is fairly standard with many things I buy and I’m sure I’m not the only one.

As a basic pattern this is incredibly quick to make and it does the job perfectly. So here it is. A very cute shift dress in a waffle fabric. It’s going to be up for sale, so get in there quick. I may make more if I find the right fabrics or if I get requests (hint).


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