The Age Of The Cheap Bride

Let’s be honest, if you’re on a tight budget you can put on anything white and call it a bridal gown. And in our day and age of cheap buys I’m amazed bridal companies of any kind find enough work to keep them in business.

Brides are always on the look out for a bargain from reworked gowns to budding photographers willing to work for ‘publicity’. They’ll happily undermine anyone to get what they want. Bridzilla. Oh yes. Never was a sector so over subscribed and so restricted in budget as the wedding industry.

High street brands bringing out their own bridal gown collections is not new. Monsoon did it some time ago with their slightly more upmarket selection retailing for around £300 a piece. But now it’s the turn of Missguided touting itself as the ‘bridal collection for babes‘ and lurking smugly at the dubious end of online fashion e-tail with the likes of Boohoo, Lavish Alice and ASOS. And with dresses available online for as little as $56 it must have designers crying into their morning cuppa.


It almost makes you want to get married – doesn’t it? (source)

Not that everyone wants a cheap off the rail ‘stick it in the washing machine when you’re done’ kind of dress. Off the rail designer gowns come in at around £1000 a piece and hopefully tailored by a skilled alterations person because like all fashion, nothing is a perfect fit off the hanger.

Once again we’re seeing gowns made for pennies in the third world. Because of course what you’re seeing here is their usual designs, embellished and in white. But ethical manufacture is the first thing to be swept under the carpet when there’s a bargain on offer.

Like I said, anything in white can count as a bridal outfit. In an age of cheap, buying more cheap, just creates more cheap. And so the cycle goes on. I just hope all those bridal designers are made of sterner stuff!

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