When you’re self employed, holidays are a rare and mythical beast. Worse than that, not only is your time almost always caught up in business, but if you love your work, it’s very hard to put it down.

Social media, and the gadgets that keep us firmly addicted to it, mean leaving ones place of business does not mean the work ends there. Switching off, even when you can, is incredibly difficult when social media accounts are to hand.

I have one week off planned in July. I won’t be going anywhere exotic since actual holidays and all the costs that go with them are quite simply out of my price bracket. So my idea of a break is a trip down to my family in Kent. That in itself is not a ‘holiday’ so the instinct to keep on working kicks in.

Putting myself in close proximity to London means opportunities to work with people I wouldn’t normally get to cross paths with. That being said, I do impose limits, and two shoots is quite enough for one week of holiday.

I’m still in the early stages of putting these shoots together but I’m hopeful of some fantastic collaborations and strong teams are already taking shape.

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