A Note About Second Jobs

Five weeks temping in an office at the beginning of this year gave me the 2016 kick start I really needed. Working for yourself is great but there are endless opportunities for laziness, procrastination and introversion – all very bad things if you are your own boss.

Having to get up before 7am, do 8 hours work, 5 days a week and then fill the weekend with my business to keep up with deadlines was a boost to my enthusiasm, especially since I knew it had an end in sight. There’s also the joy of the extra income. Because let’s face it, earning money is great.

And it’s why I will probably never be done with part time work. The change of environment, the social aspects, the adjustment to a generally unpressured routine are inspiring. And my business allows me to be flexible with interesting offers.

When I have a second job I cherish every moment in the studio. I love never knowing what the next week will bring. First a weekend stretches before you, suddenly you are styling photoshoots. That flexibility in my working week suits me very well. My calendar is an open book.

For me it’s the perfect balance.

For all things Falcieri Designs check out my website at www.falcieridesigns.co.uk


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