I Have Found a Reason To Use Hootsuite And It’s Brilliant

The problem with social media is that I am missing all the relevant stuff. It’s impossible to keep up with everything and impossible to find the things that really matter to me and my business. I needed help to make this work.

I’ve tried Hootsuite before but found it just another site I needed to check in on. Now, at last, I have found two reasons to use it:

  • scheduling posts on Instagram and Twitter for the unsociable hours when everyone else is checking up on their social media and;
  • following search terms that may point to new customers.

That last one is pretty key, because there’s no point in using social media as a business tool if it’s not helping you find customers. It’s also a great way to find out what actually works.

Hashtags I thought would find me customers are, retrospectively, useless. Noone is using what I thought were the obvious ones. So I tried new ones. And eventually you end up with something that starts to turn up potential business leads.

And this is where it starts to get interesting. Watch this space for updates because I’m enjoying this new toy and hoping this could be the thing I was looking for.

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