How Am I Doing? May 2016

Despite being a quiet month, May has flown by. Everyone seems to have noticed it.

I spotted a small uptrend in my social media traffic and my sales on Etsy. I can’t explain why. Maybe the incessant weeks of posting and responding have started to pay off but it actually peaked after I’d stopped posting. Just when I think I have worked out social media I get confused again!

As I’ve spent less time on shoots I’ve been getting to grips with setting up a mailing list because I’d like to start sending out a regular newsletter but I’ve hit all sorts of glitches with getting popups and subscription forms to work. It’s now sorted but it’s been another of those learning curves I come across regularly. So if you’re interested in receiving your updates in one go instead of wading through endless social media and missing everything anyway, head on over here and send me your email address. I promise it will make life easier.

With regards to photoshoots, I have been deliberately lax in taking on projects. I’ve spent far less time on the road this month because I needed a financial breather. That being said several ‘remote’ shoots where I am not in attendance have filled the gaps in my calendar. It’s not always possible or practical to go to shoots. Many photographers don’t have a budget and sometimes I am just not needed or it’s not possible for me to be there. So I have started lending by post.

Postal costs must be covered and where appropriate, insurance for loss or damage. But it seems to be an arrangement that’s working for some whilst still making my garments available far and wide. And that’s fine by me.

One of the teams to benefit from this was a recent entry into the Wella Trend 2016 competition in Nottingham. I have now styled for several brands for hairdressing competitions including Wella, Sassoon and L’Oreal. If you’re a hairdresser looking for something to compliment your work at competitor level, drop me a line. Here’s a snap from Wella.


Hairdresser: Pam Rivers / Model: Issypon / MUA: Sarah Downing

There are two publications out this month. It’s wonderful seeing collaborations go far and wide and publication for many of these projects really is the icing on the cake!

And so on to some samples from this month’s photoshoots:

Model: Amy Coco
Photography: Andy Park

Stylist/Designer: Falcieri Designs

Model: Xombi
Photography: Harbuzenger
Designer: Falcieri Designs
Model: Roswell Ivory
Photography: Power Imagery

Designer: FalcieriDesigns


Model: Roswell Ivory
Photography: Gary Clutterbuck Photography
MUA: Maja Stina
Hairstylist: Aaron Best

Designer: Falcieri Designs



Model: Ulorin Vex
Snakes from: Reptile Life
Photography: Gary Clutterbuck Photography
Wig: Dbxhair
Hairstylist: Aaron Best
MUA: Make-over magic by louise shepherd

Stylist: Falcieri Designs


Model: Stacey Mellin
Photography: Image 61 – David Edwards

Designer/Stylist: Falcieri Designs
Hair & MUA: Zoë Campbell on behalf of Antonia Sotiropoulos Mensah’s Icon Pro Creatives

Grateful thanks to the owners and staff of 30 James Street, Liverpool for the use of the hotel

Ramones T-Shirt shot outside Open Eye Gallery, Liverpool

For all things Falcieri Designs check out my website at

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