Skipping Steps…

One of the reasons I wanted to run my business straight from University was that I didn’t want to have to do the treadmill work to get where I already wanted to be.

I went to Uni late. I mean LATE. So I already had a lifetime of skills to bring to the table. And because of my age I didn’t feel I had the time to spend two years working for nothing to get industry experience, and probably the rest of my working life on depressingly low wages so someone else could grab all the glory.


Apart from that I find the fashion industry at the top end incredibly pretentious and I had zero desire to work in London having only relatively recently escaped it.

Having spent 17 years working in a variety of offices as a PA, dealing with money, people and understanding deadlines – plus being a freelance costumier on the side for most of that time – I knew I didn’t need any lessons from office skivvies on how do a day job. My inbuilt work ethic was just fine as it was. Although the lack of it at University definitely threatened the work life balance I had been enjoying.

Granted, I don’t know everything. I am still learning. You never stop learning. But no 9-5 teaches you how to deal with being your own boss. And being my own boss is all I have ever wanted.

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